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Salvation inna cup. #lgetherphilzway #codethirtythreeblack #coffee #java  (at Philz Coffee)
And the last… These three by the end of May #occupycomps
And another…
Must remind myself what’s what…
Anything yet?
#occupycomps (at Austin-Hudgins Arts Collective and Book Nook)
One more from #palmsunday @FBCPaloAlto Pilate’s entrance, Laura’s birthday, and one more shot of the choir #church #baptist #paloalto
One more from @FBCPaloAlto #paloalto #palmsunday #church #baptist
Spouse is cast in this show. Y’all should plan on going. 

 (via The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival)

“A focus on intimacy, or an attempt on behalf of promoters to create a more direct connection between performers and listeners in smaller, often more casual spaces, has also been a common thread, if not for the first time in musical history. ‘We both believe a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and a sensitive listening environment are crucial in making an audience receptive to what happens on stage — even if they don’t necessarily like what they hear,’ says Laura Hyland of Listen at Lilliput’s ambitions in this regard.”

Why I Am Religious

Why am I religious? Because I’m dumb. That’s why. Why am I a pastor? Because it’s my mission to stupefy the public. It’s simple, really. My mission in life is to keep you dumb and in line.